Great condition classic rifle. .22 Cal Enfield Trainer Canadian With sling
Not a conversion rifle. This rifle was made specifically in 7.62x51 NATO. Very good condition rifle Box magazine Sling Oiler in stock
Terni M38 Carcano 7.35 W original SA marked Sling. Amazing condition with cleaning rod. Rifle is SA marked Clean 1939 rifle
Tula 91/30 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R. Great condition with sling and bayonet, cleaning rod. Matching serial numbers. Cosmoline still in the rifle. 1939 rifle
21-Mar-2018Pine, AZ(19 miles)Sporting Goods for Sale
This is a special production rifle bought in 2017 new. It's equipped with Athlon 8-34 mil-dot lighted optics, bipod 8-14",muzzle break,and sling. Has padded case and laser sight. Has less than 50 rds. Shot through it. Consider trades. Price is bare rifle w/o scope
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