Items Wanted in Camp Verde, AZ

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Me and my husband are newlyweds and I've recently have nerve damage and never know when or for how long i can walk every day. My hubby is not frustrated by this and proudly goes to work every day of the week. He walks to work, works 10 hours on his feet, then walks home and enters the door with a smile. Please help me find him a car!
Hi, I'm trying to make my yard look better and make a walkway too- It's only about 18' for the walkway and I have some pavers but not even half enough, so I wanna fill in and alternate with wood, brick, stone, whatever and make it all patchwork-ish. I wanna make a table of some sort too for out there. Mine fell apart. If anyone has any scrap junk or whatever, please let me know!! THANK YOU :)
Looking for some harlequin books or similar type books to read. In the Camp Verde area. My email is connie_rash49@yahoo.com Thanks
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