Antiques and Collectibles for Sale in Camp Verde, AZ

Antiique Singer Sewing Machine early 1900 s it has a foot pedal cabinet drawers Top open and lays flat to put the fabric on top All bobbins and tools in drawers comes with the sewing machine Has design on drawers In good conditon and works Asking 1500 00 worth more OBO CASH ONLY Contact 602 503 XXXX
Early 1900 s Pharmeceutical Cabinet from Dunsmier Calif Was in a drugstore South of Mt Shasta It has twenty drawers it was a built in and was taken out when the drugstore til it was sold it was a Rexall Drugstore has dividers in each drawer size approimately 2 x 4 x 4 some original labels great for storage I used to store small tools craft items screws nails staples tape measures scales tape et...
Antique Dresser 300 00 4 drawers with painted aplique on second drawer ivory wheels one missing would be easy to find spindle 4 legs antique brass handles walnut wood See picture and enlarge so you can see it better Very like-new condition CASH ONLY Contact 602 503 XXXX
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